About Rachel A. Keener, Shamanic Practitioner, RMT, MBA


Greetings! It is an honor and a gift to engage in the energetics of shamanic healing, sharing and communing in sacred space with another awakened soul.

Trusting in sacred synchronicity, know that the essence of this work is designed to support all that you are working to heal, release and bring forth. This work is deep, potent and powerful. It is rooted in connection that cultivates change, creating authentic alignment and authentic living.

As a shamanic practitioner, this work feels like coming home. It is something I treasure deeply and approach heart-fully, soulfully, mindfully and intentionally–blending intellectual understanding, real world experience and intuitive, heartfelt wisdom.

In this section, I have chosen to focus on my professional background. (To learn more about my personal journey, I invite you to check out the “About the New Vision Project” section.) Below you will find the trainings, initiations and rites that I have very consciously invested in to support my own growth and potentials for doing transformative work that brings great joy, peace and love.

You can find me in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. I invite you to reach out to me: rachel.keener@newvisionproject.com or 828-318-6908, if it feels right.

Sending you so much love and many, many bright blessings,



In addition to years of self-study in the areas of somatic experiencing, psychology and spirituality, as well as personally working with a Jungian-oriented analyst and other gifted teachers, below are relevant milestones that have and continue to prepare me in doing this work.

Shamanic Practitioner Training, Initiations & Rites

  • Inca Shamanism ~ Advanced Training & Initiatory Program: Participated in a one-on-one, training-program-intensive anchored in ancient Q’ero wisdom & healing traditions. My primary teachers in Peru included two elder paqos: Don Mariano Quipse Flores and Dona Asunta Quipse Yapura. The culmination of the shamanic practitioner program delivered a crystallization and amplification of gifts to walk the path of the healer in service of all life.
  • Seers Rite, (4th of the Munay-Ki Rites): Initiated by Dona Asunta Quipse Yapura in Pisac, Peru at the Temple of the Falcon
  • Yanchay Karpay (opening of the 3rd eye): Initiated by Dona Asunta Quipse Yapura on Apu Salkantay, the highest peak of the Willkapampa mountain range, part of the Peruvian Andes in the Cusco region
  • Munay Karpay (opening of the heart): Initiated by Don Mariano Quipse Flores in Asheville, NC

*The last two are two of the three Hatun Karpay rites.

Usui Reiki Attunements

  • Reiki Level I: First Degree
  • Reiki Level II: Second Degree
  • Reiki Level III: Master/ Teacher

*All Reiki initiations by Usui Reiki Master, Sandra Sullivan

Traditional Education & Experience

  • 12 years of corporate experience in the areas of communications, marketing and sales for both public and privately-held organizations. Industries included: food, pharmaceuticals and technology.
  • Master’s Business Administration (MBA), University of Tampa
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Communications, Florida Southern College