About The New Vision Project

In 2008, my spiritual awakening, as well as my social and cultural consciousness deepened significantly. The catalyst was the coinciding of two events. First, I left my pharmaceutical sales position to return to work for a food marketing and data mining corporation. (My role was to lead corporate communications working directly with the CEO, the board and the executive management team.) Second, this transition occurred in parallel with the crippling economic crisis.

The collapse we were facing on a global scale begged us to take a closer look. I found myself asking, “Where were all the women? Where were all the women leaders?” I had been fooled into thinking the women’s rights movement of the 20’s and the civil rights movement of the 60’s had created an equitable world. I had been blind and naïve. But, I was waking up more and more.

These questions led me down many paths, reaching new understandings and still asking more questions. One of the immediate and lingering results was my awareness of how much I had betrayed my authentic internal guidance system, and how out of touch I was with my own feminine leadership qualities. I was beginning to glimpse the gravity of the loss and denial of my own feminine nature, and the insidious consequences. The micro and macro reflections were growing glaringly obvious.

The following years have been filled with layered diving into inner self-exploration, understanding and new ways of knowing and being.

In 2012, I resigned from my corporate position committed to following my heart’s passions. I was caught off guard by the period of darkness that abruptly interrupted my habitual doing. Depression and anxiety accompanied me as I went under and within. Old ways of doing could no longer be employed. It was time to learn new ways of being. The darkness that grabbed hold had lessons to teach. It was a period of dreaming, reflection, investigation, clearing and releasing. It was humbling, lonely and painfully slow; but, it was also sweet. For I knew, I was not alone. Though it was often hard to breathe, doubt raged and buried wounds felt so raw, intuitively, I understood that standing in the fire was the only way through. This was my path. Finally, I was really, truly living.

My mantra: Get comfortable with the Unknown; Say yes to that which feels right.  

During this period of transition and transformation, this was my guiding light. It led me away from going back to school for yet another master’s degree. It led me to Peru to work one-on-one with two Andean paqos. It led me to receiving ancient initiations and rites. It led me to becoming a Usui Reiki Master. It led me to touching into and becoming intimate with the extra-ordinary.

It has continued to lead me. Teaching me the ways of co-creation and flow. Allowing me to work with beautiful, shining souls around the world. All doing the hard, sacred work of finding their way home.

I am so humbled, honored and grateful to walk with those whose paths cross my own. For in this world, in this time, it is so important that we know we are not alone. That we connect with another knowing soul when we face the darkness. So, we can be reminded that our light still shines. And, it is intended to shine brightly!

Elizabeth Gilbert, the famous and fabulous American author, was asked the question, “What do you know for sure?” The response that came to her in an instant, “I DID NOT COME HERE TO SUFFER!” To that I say, “Nor, did I! Nor, did you!”

The Feminine is rising, seeking union with a brave, new heart-centered Masculine. Each of these life force energies are alive in all human beings. We are each being called to honor all that is life, and all that it means to be human. The New Vision Project is dedicated to supporting this rising tide of change and global healing—walking side-by-side and sharing sacred space with others who also hear the call for discovering and declaring new, balanced, loving ways to live in the world.