Shamanic Offerings

Practice Intentions


It is an honor and a gift to share and commune in sacred space with another soul.  It is something I treasure deeply and approach heart-fully, mindfully, soulfully and intentionally.

Know that each session is contained in sacred space, where one is open to releasing and receiving all that is aligned with the highest and deepest good–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Below are the primary services I offer and the investment associated with each offering.  If you do not find something that speaks to you below, but are feeling a desire to connect, I invite you to reach out to me.  I am happy to do an initial, complimentary, phone consultation.

Finally, there is always flexibility in these prices.  My intention is that those who can afford to pay will invest a balance they feel is worthy of the benefit received… and, this will allow those that are in need of receiving, but have limited financial means at the time, to simply invest what they can.

In-Person Shamanic Healing & Energy Reading Session

  • Session Length: 90-120 min. The first-half is focused on the energy work and the second-half includes an integrative conversation.
  • Your sole/soul responsibility is simply to lie down, relax and open up.
  • Before your session, I will send you more detailed information about making the most of your experience, provide further clarification on what’s happening during the session, and do my best to answer any questions you may have.

In-Person Sliding Scale Investment: $125-175 per session

Distance Shamanic Healing & Energy Reading Session

  • Session Length: 90-120 min. The first-half is focused on the energy work and the second-half includes an integrative conversation.
  • We will begin with a very brief Skype or phone conversation.
  • Following, we’ll hang up, and you will go to the quiet place you have already prepared and lie down.  You will feel me connect into you.
  • During your energy work, you simply relax, open up and tune into yourself…sensations in your body, thoughts and feelings that come up… notice them and then, let them go.  Remember, there’s no need to “hang on” to anything… you’ll bring back what you need on a conscious level.
  • Just as you felt me connect in, you will also feel me disconnect from you.  At this point, the energy work is complete and I will send you a text letting you know it is time to come back into your body fully.
  • Once you are ready, I will ask you to call me back and we will conclude your session with an integrative conversation.  I will share what I experienced on my end, and you will be free to do the same.

Distance Sliding Scale Investment: $125-175 per session

NOTE: In-person and distance work is the same investment because the level of engagement and the value received is the same.  As you can read in the testimonial section, some clients have experienced distance work to be more powerful.

Preparing Before and Caring After Your Session

Once you have scheduled your session, you will be provided with a more in-depth overview of ways you may choose to prepare and care for yourself before, during and after your session.  Below are the three key anchors for before and after.


  • Set Your Intention
  • Invite in Divine Support
  • Stay Open to Being Surprised


  • Come Back Fully into Your Body
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • More Being, Less Doing: Remember, you are a Human Being (not a human ‘doing’!).

 Private Professional Coaching & Feminine Leadership Program

A 6-Week Professional Development and Empowerment Series for Women 

The world is experiencing great change and women are being called to discover and declare new ways to live and lead. If you are ready to embrace the most powerful parts of yourself, to give the very best you have to give and to unabashedly bring all of who you are to your work, then it would be my honor to work with you one-on-one.

Please keep in mind that the best results are typically created when the reasons for the work are triggered by important periods of change, a need for personal growth or persistent feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration or the perception of being stuck. To determine if a private coaching program might be right for you, check out the questions below.

  • Do you feel undervalued in your current role and know that you deserve more for the work that you produce, but the idea of self-promotion makes you so uncomfortable that you aren’t taking action?
  • Are you at a cross-road in your career facing the decision of pushing for a promotion or leaving your current employer but can’t get clear on the best next steps?
  • Do you work in a hyper-masculine environment and feel called to demonstrate another way to lead? Are you ready to be an example of feminine leadership but are unsure of how to do this in an organization that is dominated by the masculine?
  • Are you ready to redefine success on your own terms? Are you ready to imagine and then create your absolute ideal work/ life balance, but just can’t quite see how it’s possible?

If you found yourself saying, yes, then, I would welcome you to connect with me. We will do an initial call, free of charge, to discuss what’s going on in your professional career and see if a personalized coaching program makes sense for you.

Sacred Ceremony & Ritual Transformation Programs (In-Person & Distance Work Available)

This is what rituals are for. We do spiritual ceremonies as human beings in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings of joy or trauma, so that we don’t have to haul those feelings around with us forever, weighing us down. We all need such places of ritual safekeeping,” Elizabeth Gilbert.

Ceremony and ritual work are powerful co-creators when we are going through significant periods of change—also known as initiations. Initiatory periods call on us to become something different than we have been before. They carry an intensity and importance that other life experiences do not. They herald endings and beginnings, and they are full of uncertainty.

Initiation beckons us, “Come, this way. Trust me. Step across the threshold. There is something you need waiting for you on the other side.” Initiation calls to us to follow the impulses and instincts of our being, to step into the unknown and to trust that the path forward will be revealed.

Initiations are periods of change that invite transformation.

Some major life milestones that ceremony and ritual are intended to hold and honor include:

  • Entering into sacred union or partnership (personally or professionally)
  • Walking through the fires of divorce
  • Releasing toxic relationships (including family, friends or professional dis/connections)
  • Becoming a parent
  • Living through a health crisis
  • Entering mid-life
  • Being promoted, losing a job, or initiating a career change
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one

Ceremonies and rituals allow us to honor the magnitude of the experience and create space for conscious transition.

Ceremony & Ritual Programs Follow a 9-Phase Cycle of Completion

Phases 1-5 are completed in the first 28 days

  • Phase 1: Complimentary, Introductory Call
  • Phase 2: Pre-Ceremony Preparation, In-depth Clarifying & Intention Setting
  • Phase 3: Ceremonial Session
  • Phase 4: Post-Ceremony Anchoring Ritual
  • Phase 5: Processing Session

Phases 6-9 are completed over the course of four seasons

  • Phase 6: Season 1 Integrative Session
  • Phase 7: Season 2 Integrative Session
  • Phase 8: Season 3 Integrative Session
  • Phase 9: Season 4 Integrative Session

It is only in recent history that the western world has lost touch with the value and power of ceremony & ritual—leaving so many of us to struggle alone with our pain and confusion. We may wonder why marriage or the birth of a child brings joy and also a sense of loss. Our culture does not openly welcome the paradoxes of life. Especially, when paradox accompanies moments we have been taught to associate with joy and happiness. The collective message is there is no space for both.

Yet, our ancestors knew differently, and we are being to remember. In fact, all known societies across human history have used the inherent medicinal properties of ceremony and ritual to walk through the peaks and valleys of life.  Support, guidance, protection and love are available to each of us.  We simply  have to be open and willing to say yes.

If this program speaks to your heart & soul, then I look forward to connecting with you and sharing more detailed information about this potent process.

May the courage, strength, fire and power that are alive in you rise up in service of the highest and deepest good.

Ceremony & Ritual Program Sliding Scale Investment: $360-450.00

One-on-One Usui Reiki Classes, Initiations & Attunements

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means universal life force energy.  It is a natural healing modality we all carry within.  To harness this powerful force, an initiation rite is performed, known as an attunement, opening and aligning you with this vital energy that flows through all of life.

There are three levels of attunements offered: Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, and Reiki Level III Master/ Teacher.

If you feel drawn to receiving an attunement, I invite you to connect with me.  The very first step is seeing if I resonate with you and you with me.  We can then explore the possibility of doing this powerful and sacred work together in a way that supports your specific path.

Reiki Level I Investment: $200.00

Reiki Level II Investment: $350.00

Reiki Level III Master/ Teacher Investment: $450.00

***All levels include one-on-one classes, initiations/ attunements, as well as ongoing follow-up and support.***

Guidance & Mentoring for Highly-Sensitive Children and Adolescents

As children, we are much more open to the unseen realms.  While this can be a beautiful gift to the individual and the lives they touch, it can also be overwhelming and scary.  It does not have to be.  Their gifts are evidence of the power that lies within them.  They can learn to cultivate their unique gifts, mastering and navigating between the ordinary and extra-ordinary on terms they set.  Terms that are safe and life affirming.

Children who are naturally this “wide open” can benefit deeply from guidance that helps them understand what it is they are experiencing, and provides them with empowering tools for protection and boundary setting.

If you know of a child that could use this particular kind of loving support, it would be my honor to work with them.

Guidance & Mentoring Sliding Scale Investment: $75-$125 per session

Personal & Professional Space Clearing & Cleansing

There are many reasons a space cleansing may be of value including:

  • Moving into a new home or office.
  • Following a divorce or the ending of a business partnership.
  • The space, or some part of the space, evokes an uncomfortable feeling for you.
  • The feeling and experience of flow has been disrupted.

In addition to clearing what needs to go, it is important to replenish with energies and intentions that are aligned with those occupying the space. This is a practice included in all clearing work I facilitate.

This work requires approximately three-five hours, depending on the size of the space.

Space Clearing Sliding Scale Investment: $300-$500