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Create Change Through Energetic Cord Cutting Ceremonies


cord cutting

When we have toxic energetic cords hooked into our systems, our life force is literally being siphoned and drained. Cord cutting ceremonies are about freeing ourselves from that which no longer serves our highest and deepest good. They are a potent channel for re-claiming our rightful power, and releasing ourselves from people and situations that have become heavy or harmful.

As we all know, life is messy, complicated and often, challenging. Many challenges shape shift as we work through them. Others call for us to proclaim enough is enough. Deciding what is and is not deserving of our attention, time and energy is not always easy.

So, how can we recognize when toxic cords have hooked in? There are a few telltale signs.

In unhealthy family and professional situations, the patterns are very similar. There is dread when you anticipate the next time you have to engage with this person. Just seeing their name pop up on your phone triggers anxiety, making it almost impossible for you to hang on to any joy or peace you might have been experiencing before they reached out. In the time leading up to an inevitable interaction, you are on edge, feeling stressed and unnerved. In their presence, you simply cannot “just relax” and be yourself.

During and immediately after the interaction, you feel very drained, tired and “icky”. Like there’s this grime, or green slime, all over and you can’t quite shake it off. Your physical body is also expressing its discomfort. Possibly with headaches, shoulder and neck pain, an increased heart rate, shallow breathing, or indigestion and an upset stomach. You might also find you have difficulty thinking clearly, and notice a subtle constriction in your throat. This person/ situation is activating your nervous system and your survival instincts. Your physiology is literally picking up on and preparing to defend against a possible attack.

Consciously or unconsciously, people who prey on other’s to fill up what’s missing inside of them, are manipulative, cold and distant. They have a disregard for boundaries and personal space. They can be highly judgmental of others, and seem to take little notice of or responsibility for their own shortcomings. While they can be demanding and needy, more often than not they are passive-aggressive. They count on your guilt, your desire not to disappoint, and your feelings of obligation not to alter the dynamics, which are ever in their favor. Yet, sometimes they can be charming—which can feel dizzying and confusing. But, their charm is like being bathed in a fluorescent light. There is no real warmth or authenticity. There are always strings attached.

Does this sound familiar? Know that you are not alone. Often times, the most sensitive and empathic among us are the most vulnerable to these dynamics—due to our very nature. The beautiful thing is that it is our birthright to decide what we will and will not tolerate in our lives. To do this, we must matter to ourselves. This is non-negotiable. We must take responsibility for protecting our own well being as seriously, and as fiercely, as we take protecting those we love.

Transformation through Ritual, Releasing the ties that bind: The roots of energetic cord cutting are about Re-Claiming Power and Establishing Boundaries as an adult with all the resources that are now available to us. Ritualizing our intentions anchors them in the physical realm, creating powerful shifts internally and externally.

By taking action on our own behalf, we begin to change the flow of energy. We make space for new ways of being and experiencing to come in when we consciously choose to let go of something or someone that has been triggering pain and chaos.  Subsequently, we replace what is no longer useful with purposeful, healing energies. The seeds of new life. 

This work is deep and layered. It has the power to transform what has been unhealthy and toxic; by its very nature, it will begin to pull toward us life-expanding opportunities.

I invite you to ask yourself… Are you ready to re-claim your righteous power? Are you ready to create emotional, physical and energetic distance between yourself and dynamics that have become intolerable and unacceptable? Are you ready for real, meaningful change?

Did you find yourself saying, “yes”?  Would you like to learn more?  Then, I welcome you to connect with me at or 828-318-6908. We’ll schedule a complimentary, 20 min., introductory call. I’ll share with you detailed information about this powerful process, which can be facilitated in-person or at-a-distance. You will then have the opportunity to share what is resonate and ask any questions.

This is not work that should be approached lightly. Check in with yourself to be sure that on a deep level you are ready to create something very different. Because, when you are, then be assured the universe is already aligning with what is in your heart and soul.

May the courage, strength, fire and power that are alive in you rise up in service of the highest and deepest good. This is my blessing offered to you, to me and to all of us.

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