Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other

~ Paulo Coelho


“Rachel is one of us. You know, the “us” that wake up to an alarm everyday, go to an office and work hard for the money.  All the while wondering, why it has to be SO hard and if this is all there really is?  I know this because I was her boss!  Yes, my former corporate PR exec employee now does long-distance Reiki for me, among her other services, and it’s powerful–not in changing the circumstance of your life, but in changing your perception and experience of those circumstances. And, it’s not weird at all!  We all need support; a reasonable person recognizes that and secures it.  If you trust Rachel (and I promise you, she is worthy of that trust), she can open up your awareness to exactly how incredibly supported you already are.  From there, it is up to you what you create with that foundation.”

Susan, Marketing Executive & Entrepreneur, Tampa, FL

“I was in a rut. I was caught up in a job that I didn’t enjoy, an unhealthy relationship that I had recently ended, and a toxic work environment. A friend of mine had been telling me about energy healing and meditation, and referred me to Rachel. I considered contacting Rachel for a few days after which I decided to be open minded to the experience and see what happens. I really didn’t know what to expect.

TransformationThe evening of my appointment, Rachel messaged me on Skype and we chatted briefly.  Then, I laid down on my bed, a little skeptical, but open to experience.  After a few minutes, I felt my muscles in my back begin to tighten and relax; and I finally yielded and was quite relaxed. A period of time passed, through which I was vaguely aware, feeling a variety of emotions.  I can really only describe it as somewhere between awake and a dream. Then, all of a sudden I ‘woke up.’ A few minutes later I debriefed with Rachel via Skype and I was astounded as she described many of the same emotions that I was feeling, even the ‘muscle spasms’ I felt in the beginning. Much of what she said resonated as accurate and was reassuring and comforting. A week or so later she emailed me a complete report of the experience. I felt this was a very exceptional service; value added to a great experience.

Rachel is very professional, dedicated to her work, and inspiring. It’s been nearly a year since my session and I’m in a new apartment, new job, and new relationship. It takes time to heal, motivation to change jobs, and sometimes you need a moment of clarity, reflection, and encouragement.  I’m a Human Resources professional living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve got a Master’s level education and I’m also a church-going Christian.”

Zach, HR Professional, Brooklyn, NY 

Transformation“After my distance session with Rachel (on Skype), I have seen Reiki produce great healing within myself. I felt calmer and more balanced. I also felt stronger and lighter; it was amazing to feel Rachel’s Love coming inside. I am very grateful for Rachel’s healing. She is a beautiful soul and brings joy love and peacefulness into my life, that’s why I call her my shooting star.”

Camille, Sea Sheppard Conservation Activist, Los Angeles, CA

Transformation“I did a distance session with Rachel.  First, we connected via email, and shortly after through Skype, before we had the actual session. Rachel was always very professional, calm and very spot on and intuitive. I feel that after the session I had with her there was a lot of releasing that happened (on an emotional level), not immediately, but gradually. I’m very happy I had the chance to have the session with her.”  

Maria, Project Manager, Stockholm, Sweden

Transformation“I met Rachel through a dear friend/coworker. Rachel and I spent one day together and instantly connected for life. She told me things I did not know about myself and now know to be true. Her compassion, love and support have helped me get to where I am today.  Rachel trusts in other beings, her spirituality and the unknown. She changed my life and had a smile on her face while she did it. I wish I could see her everyday!!! This lady is amazing; give faith a chance!!!!”

Brittney, Health & Fitness Professional, Asheville, NC

Transformation“My Reiki sessions with Rachel have been healing on many levels.  I started seeing her at the end of being treated for cancer.  Rachel’s work with me helped me to experience my body as healed and whole.  It also helped to ground me in ways that prepared me to look at life after cancer, enabling me to imagine what good might come out of something very difficult.”  

Beth, Pastor, Asheville, NC